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Roof Weatherproofing

The primary function of your roof is to eliminate weather elements like rain, sun, hail, wind, and dust from entering the interior of your home or commercial building. Without ensuring your roof has efficient and effective weatherproofing, your home or building will be exposed to the cold and heat, and you wouldn't be able to protect your furnishings or possessions from the damp.

Long-term exposure of the interior of your home or building to even small amounts of leakage will encourage mould to grow and may cause serious health issues. While the growth of mould itself affects the structural integrity of your house, as does any rain that may enter your home, due to the wood rot it will cause. If you suspect you may be in need of roof weatherproofing give us a call on 1300 366 497 or fill out a contact form.

Not sure if you need roof weatherproofing?

If you live or operate in climates that are often subjected to extreme conditions, such as strong wind, storms and bushfires, we would strongly recommend investing in roof weatherproofing. In these regions, homes and buildings are far more likely to be affected by extreme weather elements, and it's imperative that you are prepared for the worst to avoid replacing damaged belongings, and illnesses caused by mould. With this said, even if you live in an area with more stable weather conditions, this does not mean you are safe from the effects of not weatherproofing your roof. At one stage or another, you will experience inclement weather and you will benefit from sufficient weatherproofing.

Once you get in contact with us, we will conduct a thorough roof inspection to ensure there are no other underlying issues with your roof that you may not be aware of. As there are an array of common roofing problems that will subject your home to the elements, it is important these issues are addressed and fixed to avoid bigger repairs, or even needing a new roof in extreme cases. After we finish with the inspection of your roof, we will provide you with a quote so you can compare prices and for business purposes.

If you do choose to go ahead with weatherproofing your roof we will advise you of your options. There are lots of different materials and methods we can utilise to ensure your home or building is ready to face the weather. We will work with you to identify the best course of action, and at this stage we can proceed with your roof weatherproofing service!