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Roof Reports & Analysis

Do you need a Roof Consultation?

There are many common problems that can cause a roof to break down over time, resulting in leaking, loss of insulation and more. If you are concerned about the well-being of your roof, we recommend hiring roofing specialist like ourselves to conduct an analysis and/or inspection as we will be able to identify potential issues you may be likely to face in the future. 


We have been working in NSW, ACT and QLD for years now and in that time have helped numerous businesses and residences with their roofs and to determine if there is a need for our services or not. We endeavor to give our clients honest and reliable advice and services each and every time. If you have a roofing concern give us a call on 1300 366 497 or fill out a contact form.


What happens during a Roof Inspection?

Structural Damage

The first thing we look for is internal and external structural damage. This involves cracked, broken, or damaged tiles, sheets, or plates. From there we determine how extensive the damage is and identify how much repairs would be.

Insulation Integrity

There are several different types of insulation on the market right now, and unfortunately, they all have their shelf life. Exposure to nature and everyday wear and tear can cause them to work less efficiently over time and can even cause holes in their structure and your electricity bill.

Areas for Improvement
Additionally, during our inspection of your property, we will be able to identify other improvements you may wish to proceed with. At this stage, we can write you up a quote so you can compare prices and decide if you would like to move ahead with these services. 


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